The flowing archive of embodied dreams

If this archive was a natural phenomenon, it would be a mountain river. If it was a tree, it would be a birch tree my Dad planted when I was born. The tree is outgrowing the concrete neighbourhood I grew up in; its roots going deeper than cemented ideas, its branches reaching further towards life. If it was an animal, it would be the white horse I know from my dreams. His long mane, his gentle insistent presence, his back hoof ready to set us in motion. If the archive was to be used, I would wish for you to use it. To plunge into it with curiosity and ease, to browse through the mobile pages and touch the images. May it serve you as an inspiration, as a springboard, as a companion. May it raise questions and re-turn you back to yourself. May it set you on a journey. May it inspire you to search deeper than the apparent story, and to surrender to the vastness of the velvety unknown. May it allow you to hear that still quiet voice within. What does it want to tell you? For the mystery is just here, sensed in a touch of a hand, smelled in the scent of grass, revealed in the infinite blue of the midday sky. May this flowing archive become an inspirational map of dreaming. The map that lays out some orientations in the vast dreamscape. It does not aim at being exhaustive, nor finite. Quite the contrary! It is a never-ending story that keeps unfolding through you. 

The archive has three main sections: “Dreams”, “Scores” and “Readings”. In “Dreams” you will discover 7 types of dreams. You will find examples of different kinds of dreams, and clues on how to work with your own dreams. In “Scores” you will discover inspirations for your dancing practice, dreaming, and waking reality activities. How to notice and respond to the on-going flow of images? How to dialogue with images and translate their messages to a physical practice? How to let them in-form your everyday activities? In “Readings” you will find bibliography with the books from this lineage of work, and some on my own texts. 

May you make your dreams come true.

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