Every night you plunge into the world of dreaming. You may not remember the adventures you lived, and yet every night, without exception, you become the heroine of this night’s journeys. Composed of memories, day residues, images that you have never seen nor experienced before, these stories take you beyond the threshold of the known into the universe of infinite possibilities. They show you where you are in your life, and how you can connect to and live your true potential. 

Every part of the dream is the dreamer. All the figures in the dream are forms given to energies playing out in the realm of your body. If in a nightmare a monster is chasing me, I am both the one who is running away, and the monster – part of myself I had decided not to look at, and thus it grew to a monstrous size. The dream shows me the current situation of trying to run away from myself, and its resolution: I need to stop running away, turn around and face my fear. When I actually see the monster, I may finally see what it wants. Why is it insisting on getting in contact with me? Maybe it simply feels lonely and abandoned. If I am able to hear its call and respond to it, I may finally experience a sense of belonging and wholeness. My dreaming and waking realities will shift. 

For over 12 years I studied imagery and dreaming with dr. Catherine Shainberg at “The School of Images.” I continue deepening the work with dr. Bonnie Buckner at the International Institute for Dreaming and Imagery. It is an ancient practice, stemming from an 800-year long lineage dating back to Rabbis Isaac the Blind of Provence, France, and Jacob Ben Sheshet of Gerona, Spain. The modern lineage holder was Colette Aboulker-Muscat, teacher of Catherine, a revered kabbalist and healer. The work is known as the Kabbalah of Light, as it builds up your inner body of light and illuminates your insight. This work transformed my life, and it is the foundation of all of my artistic research, pedagogical work, and coaching practice. I am eternally grateful to my teachers for providing me with tools to navigate through the gift of life. 

In this section you will find examples of seven different kind of dreams, arranged as a ladder: 


A return to Oneness


Dreams of All Light


Dreams with a clear message. Their colours are vibrant, intense, luminous.


Dreams have a clear storyline. Their colours are everyday colours or pastel.


The storyline is mixed up, fragmented. Dreams feel restless and tiresome, they seem never to have an end. There is no coherence. Colours are mixed.


The same event repeats again and again, with possible slight variations. Colours are black, red, or neon.


Dreams with a single focus to wake us up to a part of ourselves that we have been neglecting. Nightmares are intense to catch our attention. They want us to respond to the pressing necessity of the dream. Colours are black, red, or neon

Nightmare, repetitive nightmare, busy dream, and clear dream are unresolved dreams. An unresolved dream is like an unfinished story. It calls for you to step back in, engage with the dream and respond to its necessity. If there is something broken, put it back together; if the toilets are clogged, unblock them; if there is something missing, find it; if someone is locked in a dungeon, let them free; if your tooth fell out, remake it in light and put it back in. This enough will start a dialogue with your subconscious. 

And yet, you can dive deeper into understanding what the dream is telling you. How do you it? In each of the dreaming categories, you will find an example of unravelling a deeper meaning of a dream. Just by following couple of steps, an implicit meaning of your night’s adventure will shine through the apparent text of the dream. 

Having said that, please respect this vast and multi-layered practice that has a powerful way of transforming your waking reality. This section is meant as an open source for you to engage with your dreaming. To work with others and on others, you need more knowledge, and supervised practice. Please refer to “The School of Images” or the “International Institute for Dreaming and Imagery”, or any of the certified practitioners of the work to study it in depth. 

We do not work on Great Dreams, Dreams of Light and Dreams of Union. Their experience brings us back to the sense of wholeness.