I am floating in clear blue water, on top of and then beneath it. I am without clothes.  My body is moving in a soft swaying rhythm — in motion moving with the water around me. The motion of the water is the same timing of my breathing. I feel connected and in union with myself, my breath and the water. It feels warm and welcoming around me. I am free.  As I flow below the water, I can see myself from outside the water and floating above my body, I can see myself beneath the water. I am underneath the water and I can breathe within it naturally. I swim and feel the water aerodynamically caressing my skin. I can feel the water swish and move inside my chest and nostrils when I inhale within the water. I can feel the bubbles release from my exhale. My body flows with the flow of the water. I am peaceful and relaxed and all around is clear, and I see from within the water I am surrounded by a warm bright light. 


My arms, fingers, legs and feet tingle and I like this feeling. I wiggle my toes and my fingers. I smile as I watch myself from above and outside the water. I can see myself inhale and exhale 4 times as I linger in the water and then I come up above the water and dive and re-emerge 3 more times.  As I come up above the water on the 4th time, I am back within my body. I see from eye level different birds flying in formations above my head, circling and singing in the warm light and clear blue sky that surrounds the water. I see doves, sparrows, and parakeets in the air circling. it looks like a dozen of each bird. Some land and float on the water as I come up from under the water. The sides of the water are surrounded by light – there are no sides to the water that I am floating in. It is vast and gentle water as far as I can see.  On the water, in the distance I see there are 4 beautiful white fluffy swans floating on the water. I smile and extend my arms slightly above the water to them. The swans swim to me and circle around me, and I touch their heads and feathers and all the birds are chirping and singing. The swans’ beaks gently tap and nuzzle my head. Their feathers are soft and gleaming in the light. I drape my arm around one of them with an orange and blue splash of color on its head. I glide with the swans through the water. As I glide with them, I can feel the water drifting away from my body and now they walk me out of the water onto warm moist, rich deep reddish brown soil that squishes between my toes. It tickles and feels good. It is warm with a breeze that is fresh and new to my skin. 


As I leave the water, my body creates an orange and turquoise blue tie dye flowing dress. It grows and flows from my body like growing leaves. It feels soft to the touch and moves easily with my body. I look down and I can see grass growing between my toes and around my feet. The blue-green grass spreads and grows as I take a step. The swans couple up with two on each side of me. The swan with the orange and blue tuft on the head looks at me and then takes seven steps to the right and then seven more ahead. He pauses to wait for me.  I count and follow and place my bare feet in those steps. He does this same pattern 3 times and I follow all three times – seven to the right and seven ahead. The swan begins to run and so I run too. The swan takes flight upward and the other 3 take flight too. I tell them I want to go and I run and jump up 4 times. I finally jump in the wind after the 4th jump! After the last swan flies up, I fly too! I fly in formation with them, and then swoop away to swirl alone. I love the feel of the turns and twists freely in the air. I see the swans land below in a new place with fresh water and trees and now there are people. I land there with the swans and people.  Three of the four swans begin to waddle into the water. I kneel down to pet and thank the lead swan, and I wake up.