I am at a huge party outside. There are friends coming. It is really nice to be together. At some moment I realize that I haven’t packed up my shoes. I left them somewhere, when there were no people, and now it is very crowded and I cannot find them. I am walking around and trying to find them in vain. Then I realize that I don’t have my bike. I am going around and searching for the shoes and for the bike. There is also another pair of something missing, and while sleeping I realize that this is another 2 of something missing. I am going around the party, not enjoying the atmosphere at all, because I am busy searching for my things. I find my bike, but I cannot find the shoes. There are tons of shoes around, but mine are not there.


This dream is about returning to myself, to my own standing, to my own perspective, and retrieving the relationship to myself. It is about moving on in the direction of me. Currently, I am outside of myself, trying to find my own standing. I have forgotten myself in the business of the outside. I cannot enjoy where I am right now, because I am missing my own standing. The dream is telling me that I need to return to the quiet alone place to return to myself.