A SCORE IS A NOTATION OF A DANCE WORK. It may be a text, a drawing, a vocal instruction. It may be an object, a gesture, a dream. Out of an infinite field of possibilities, emerges a dance prompted by an oak tree or a sandstone. Your doing it, your giving your body to it, makes the dance manifest. This dance, today, not tomorrow and not yesterday, now, in this very moment. Through you, in your unique, unrepeatable way. Your doing makes it real.

In this section you encounter scores that are a glimpse into the work I have been doing for the past 13 years. They are extracted from various artistic processes and courses I taught. There are to be experienced, explored, developed further. They are to grow your interest in dreaming – this ongoing flow of images that keeps quietly speaking to you from a place of mystery. Listen!  

Here you find practices for bringing your awareness to the fluid dreaming reality. They include scores for before, during and after sleeping.

Contain movement practices, exercises to strengthen and broaden your attention and to support you in being present to yourself, others and the world. They move from: sensation into image, images into storyline, patterns across images, question, dream as dramaturgy and audience perspective: inner image and outer image. Each section contains selected scores and exercises.

Contain practices to strengthen your relationship to dreaming in waking reality. “Scores for doing” root your dreamer’s mind in your everyday actions. “Scores for imagining” are a series of imagery exercises to prompt revelatory understandings. “Scores for reflecting” propose ways of engaging with your questions.