A town. Some are going on long hikes. I decide to go for a shorter hike – around two hours.

We are staying in one room. I have settled in a bed away from the door – against the wall with the window above/around where the feet area is. I am pleased about my bed options and the one I choose.  My sister or someone familiar has the other single bed that is against the wall (foot to foot).   There are a couple bunk beds and maybe other single beds.   A woman comes in – she is framed by the door entrance – she is upset that she has not been able to get such a great bed situation. 

I see an Apotheke sign (red with white) outside the window. 

I go downstairs to the shower room. Take two towels. The bathroom is all wood. Smells good – like wood. Seems to have three levels in this vertical space.   I take a shower and wrap myself in one of the towels. 

Then I see in front of me another door that leads to the street.  The street has restaurants, stores, homes.  I can see the sea – blue . It’s not the sea but a waterway- a large river that is used to transport goods.  It’s a sparkling clear day. Blue sky.  Mountains in the back – behind me as I gaze out to the water.  People mill around talking and living in this tourist attraction town.  I admire the beauty. 

On my right side, I see a man – a farmer – in heavy dark dark green clothes, thick clothes and work boots. He is coming down from the hill  area.  He is tall and lanky. He is carrying a foal – baby white horse -.  The legs dangle off his arms.  He faces the foal, baby talk in a soothing voice.  It’s sweet and touches my heart.  

I then watch and see him throw the horse onto a wagon filled with other foals. They all are white. 

My breath sticks. My heart drops.  

Yes,this happens ,  the woman says who is standing to my left.   I turn my body to face her.  What kind of sausage do you like from the Metsgerei.  I pause. Sausage?  I don’t really eat sausage.  Horse sausage would not be my choice if I did. 

I walk along the street and go back to the shower room door -street entrance.  I see two dirty towels on the floor in a corner.  I will need to get clean towels or figure a different way to dry off. 


Am I on the right pathway?


I am going hiking, and I see this hut, I am interested in it, there should be people with me. I feel the excitement of being the first, I go into the room, cheeky, I see the beds, the double beds, I don’t like them, two beds next to the window, symmetrical, I have my own separate space. I am foot to foot with a part of myself that is very distanced, but has transformed a lot, I’m on the same level, I have opened. The woman appears, I am not looking at her, not focused on her, it is not important for me. I wanna have a shower, go downstairs. The wood that is everywhere, I like that a lot. I decide to have a shower, I see the door, in front of me and behind me, feeling of excitement. I am suddenly in the town, everything is alive there, the sky is blue, it is clear, I see the shops, I still feel like I am separate from it, I see the water, it makes me happy, this difference between my own pace and what is around me. I see the man with foul, the calf, the little horse, it touches me. He is so caring towards the animal, I am in Germany, makes me happy. He throws the horse into the wagon, it shocks me, unearths me. The woman appears and says the description of the butcher shop, that touches the string, asks me about sausages, and it makes me unhappy and angry at the same time. I go back into the hotel, and the shower room. That is all gone, while in the dream, I feel very puzzled. If to have the shower, but I had it, I don’t mind, what’s next? I know there are many people who wanna go inside, I can let them in but I don’t have to. Bewilderment and puzzle.

Am I on the right course? 


 I am hiking and I am alone, I feel the people, that they are close, they are around somewhere, I came to this house, to this bedroom alone, and I feel good and I feel happy with this. I choose a single bed, and I am happy with this. When I meet the person, the woman, she was not so happy, she wanted my bed, she is unhappy she doesn’t have my bed, I change my way, I go to another place. I leave it. Where I can be alone. Again I feel very good, I have a lot of food around me, I can be in this place, clear myself, clean myself. I am very curious about the vertical aspect of the dream, it is a vry important word, how is it there. How is it to be in the vertical. I am going outside, I see big world, I see the big town, everything is alive, colourful, different stuff, I am alone but I am good. When I am seeing it, I am good. And then I see this cute relationship, I am so interested in this, I wanna more of this, I wanna see this little horse, but it is so surprising, this cute relationship, what is between them. I feel now the question: what will happen if I go there, if I touch it, how is it, keep it, hold it for a moment, feel it. What will happen if I have the little horse on me? Then this woman comes to me and I feel the role of this woman, she is a part of me, and I am thinking about the question: what kind of sausage do you like? I want to ask her why she asked me about it, what is more than this question. This situation is not very comfortable. I do not want to stay there. I come back with the woman, to the shower, to the safe place where I feel very good, very good with myself. I chose going to the shower. I see that something has changed, somebody has been here, the towels are dirty. I do not know if I want to have a shower or not. I can always find a way to deal with where I am, I can always find a solution. In the beginning I had this feeling that this is my course, it is good, now I am not sure if I can tell this. What is this course? It is about dealing with what is not comfortable: with number two, all of these situations that I meet somebody.

For me as a secondary dreamer, I ask myself if I am on the right path.


This dream is showing me two paths: there is one path, shorter path, the shorter path, which allows me to make my individual decisions, choosing the room, going to the vertical shower, where I decide, I do it. And it is great, it makes me happy, I discover things, I come to a comfortable place, I move forward to a very expensive realm, to a place I would like to explore, which reminds me of Norway. And in that expansive place, this is where the long way, long hike, unknown way happens, in this place I face that there is something beyond my understanding. There is a foul, a cute horse, baby horse, energy, baby energy, something very sweet, something that attracts me, but something that I cannot fix, it is not a fixed relationship. I want to call it cute, I enjoy it, the cuteness of the relationship between the foul and the male, but actually the foul is far more complex. It is baby horse, penalty and it is also maybe lazy, in German. It has many articulations, forms to it, it is not fixed, it is both cute and treated with care and treated with matter of factedness. Throwing the foul to be transformed. The butcher kills it and transforms it. I am shocked on it, this reminds me on the first part of the dream, the shocked female, that she doesn’t have the right bed, that this is not the way she would like it to have. There is an aspect of myself that attaches to how things should be. And there is also a wiser aspect of myself, the wiser woman, that is understanding it is: which sausage would you like? She is accepting the transformation of the situation. I am on the right course, but I am to understand that there is a bigger picture opening, and for this right course I cannot fix it, I have to keep it a relationship that is transforming, that I can’t get it right, I have to allow it to move. And that’s for me the longer hike, that has to do with being in a relationship, and not being alone. When I am entering into this more expanded place, I am naked. I have been doing my work as a dreamer. I have been cleaning myself, I have been paying attention to particular emotions, I am able to move beyond it, I am able to ascend and clean myself, entering into that bigger place. And in this bigger place it is to understand that it is not about getting it right, or cleaning, but it is also about allowing the things to be multi-faceted and to be transform and surprise me. And there not to react emotionally. In some way it has to do for me with returning to the matter of factedness of reality. The man is the farmer, there is something about matter of fact, not staying up there.