You will find here short series of imagery exercises that I wrote. Some were created for the meetings with the Tarot. Some were prompted by dreams. Others originate in questions posed by the students. 

You can pre-record these exercises, or read them individually, and do them imaginally. You can also ask a friend to read them to you. 

To do these exercises, find a quiet place, where you can be alone and focus. Sit up straight, uncrossing your arms and legs, and close your eyes. Take a moment to observe your breathing, allowing the breath to return to its own rhythm. You do not have to change it, nor control it, just allow the breathing to return to its own rhythm. Then breathe out three times, counting from three to one, seeing the numbers. Breathing out see the number three, then breathing out see the number two, and then breathing out see the one tall, clear, and bright. Upon hearing the prompt of the exercise, see what image appears in your mind’s eye. Images include all of your senses: they may be visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, they may include a smell or a taste. Trust the first thing that comes up for you. When you open your eyes, write down what you saw. Write it in the present tense, and include sensations, feelings and emotions, thoughts, and actions. 

As fun as they seem, these exercises can also bring up some hidden themes and present you with deeply moving questions. Shall you need help in looking deeper into them, write me:

Ex. 1. Imagine standing in front of someone you love and see feel them looking at you. How does it feel in your body?

Ex.3. See and feel that this flash of being kindles your own fire. What do you desire? 

Ex.2. See and feel and know how the look of the other incites you (encourages you, provokes you) and forbids you to enter. How the other is being so close, existing, so far away. 

Ex. 4. See and feel how the face leads to a beyond, to which one does not have access to, to the unlimited place. 

Ex.6. Call the other by their true name. See and feel how your voice repels death. How your words speak life. 

Ex.11. See and feel how love wants only to know life and peace. See feel know how it is forced to stare death in the face.

Ex.8. See and feel and know how we live without reason. How life has a meaning. 

Ex. 7. Become the army of love, defending the fragility of life. See feel how against death, you embody tenderness in its humblest and proudest forms.

Ex.9. See and feel how at the touch of love your creativity awakens. See feel know how before that it is only a dream.

Ex.10. See and feel and live why from the space pervaded by restlessness, you cannot say: “I am.” See hear “I am” resounding in attentive silence. What happens?



Ex.1. Imagine being at home. How does it feel to be at home? Open the window and look outside. What is the first thing you see?

Ex.2. What is the feeling of being inside and seeing the thing you have seen outside? What do you want to do?

Ex.3. Feel and know there is time to be in and time to be out. How do you know when to make the difference?

Ex.4. Stand on the threshold. BO and step out. What does it feel to be out?

Ex.5. Find a path and take it. How does it feel to walk on your path? What do you hear? What do you smell?

Ex.6. Continue on your own path. What or whom do you encounter? How do you respond? BO Continue and encounter something else. BO Continue and encounter something else. See, feel and know what changes with every encounter you make.

Ex.7. What happens when you move too fast? What happens when you linger? Return to your natural rhythm of moving. Hear it as a song. What kind of song is it?

Ex.8. What happens when you are walking your journey listening to your inner song?

Ex.9. Listening to your inner song, pay attention if there are any parts of the body that do not participate in singing. BO Attend each of them and ask what needs to be done for them to join the song.

Ex.10. See and feel know what happens when you respond to their call.

Ex.11. See and feel how you face the unknown with the fullness of your inner signing.

Imagine that you are attending to your garden. See all the things that need to be done and do them.  

Imagine doing that everyday. How does your garden look in a day. In a week. In a year. 

See feel what happens tomorrow if you forget to do one thing. See what happens in a week. Repair it.

See, feel and know how inner images become your reality. See and know how by responding to images you create your world. 

Choose one pattern in your life. Imagine it as a thread and trace it back to its origin. What is the image it is tight to?

Repair the image. What happens to the thread?

See, feel and know how addressing the necessity of every situation is what repairs the world.

See, feel and know how by repairing what needs to be repaired you are serving the creation.  


Creative work

  1. Imagine being in a studio and starting your creative work. What are your physical sensations? What emotions come up?
  2. See feel the fountain of creativity bubbling up with infinite possibilities. BO Catch one bubble of possibility and bring it up to the surface. What is it?
  3. Look at what you have brought to the surface. What does it take to make it manifest. 
  4. See feel know how creativity is sparked in an instant and accomplished in time. 
  5. Imagine being in a field plough the field of your creativity, remove the rocks, plant the seeds, watch it grow. 
  6. Plough the field of the idea you want to grow now. Take the same steps, ploughing, working, growing what they want to manifest. 
  7. Collect the fruits of your work. 
  8. Hold the abundant basket of your fruits of your work / ideas. See your manifested work as an abundant basket that you hold. What happens if you hold it only for yourself and hide it from the world? 
  9. Now share the abundant basket with others. What happens.
  10. See feel know how through sharing your creativity with others helps create the world. 


Creative work and its value

  1. See feel creating a piece of work and putting it on display. How does it feel in your body to see it on display.
  2. Listen to the audience engaging with your work. Listen to three of the voices, what do you hear?
  3. Look at the work of someone else. What opinions arise? Would you call them positive or negative?
  4. Look at the work and speak about it from a place of doubt. Speak of it from a place of jealousy. Speak to it from a place of curiosity?
  5. Hear again the others commenting about your work, see the comments as objects. Which do you choose to take and which do you choose to leave behind. 
  6. See feel know that the comments you have chosen to take offer another perspective to unfolding your vision. 
  7. See feel know how creativity is invaluable. BO That the value of your work is engaging with your work. 
  8. Imagine presenting a piece of your work from this place. How do you feel in your body? What happens?
  9. See feel live the invaluable uniqueness of your co-creating the world.


Ex.1. Imagine you are the woodcutter busy chopping the wood. What is the experience of being busy chopping wood?


Ex.2. Imagine you are busy chopping wood. And then take a pause. What happens in your body when you pause? BO Feel and know what arises on the inside. 


Ex.3. Feel and know how in the pause you are able to reconnect with your inner passion.


EX.4. See, feel and know how reconnecting with your inner passion puts a challenge at your feet.


Ex.5. Feel how a challenge can set you on a new journey.


Ex.6. Know that every journey is beset with challenge.


Ex.7. See a challenge (question) you have currently in your life becoming a path in front of you. How is the path?


Ex.8. When walking on your path, what do you notice? What do you feel?


Ex.9. Walk into the forest. See, feel and know what’s the first challenge you are tasked with.


Ex.10. Walk into the city. See feel and know what’s the first challenge you are tasked with.


Ex.11. On your journey, hear all the questions you are being asked. What happens when you hear them with your goal in focus?


Ex.12. See, feel and know how going all the way to stir the devil of our dreaming is our true task.

See feel and know why the devil of our dreaming holds all the answers.


Ex.13. See, feel and know why once we get the answer from our dreaming we have to take it out into the world and make it manifest.


Ex.14. See, feel and know how making it manifest brings us abundance.

Ex.1. Stand in front of a full length mirror. Take a look at yourself. How do you look?

Ex.2. Stand before a mirror. As you gaze at your image, let yourself become that person in the mirror. You have geographically changed placed and you are standing in the mirror, looking at the real you (beyond the mirror). Now shift from being in the mirror and, as you continue gazing, become aware of being in your body as usual. Do this several times while you notice how you feel. (CS)

Ex.3. Ask the person in the mirror a question. What happens?

Ex.4. See feel and know how once you pose a question to the mirror of your inside, you cannot undo what you have seen.

Ex.5. See feel and know how by seeing the truth within, you can make a change without.

Ex.6. See feel and know the areas in your life where you can make that change. BO What happens when you make that change?

Ex.7. See feel know the difference between phantasy and your inner truth.

Ex.8. Imagine full length mirror in front of you and little to the left. Inside of it see a phantasy from your life. BO Cut the image in two and swipe it to the left. BO Bring the mirror to the middle and wash it with the living water. When it is squeaky clean, BO move the mirror to your right. What do you see now? How does it feel? (Col.)

Ex.9. See feel know how your work it to continually polish the mirror of your inside.

Ex.10. See feel know how this inner mirror becomes a compass. What happens when you use it?

Ex.11. See feel know how cleaving to the compass of the inner truth transforms your waking reality.

Pause for all


Ex. Imagine it is Monday and you begin your week’s work. What are your emotions?

Ex. Imagine it is Friday afternoon, after your week’s work. How do you feel in your body? What are your emotions?

Ex. Imagine attending to your weekly tasks. BO Put your work to the side and pause. What happens? What are your emotions?

Ex. Pick up your work again. How has it changed in the pause?

Ex. Hear the rhythm of your working and of your pausing. Is it in balance? If not, what do you need to do?

Ex. Look at what you have created through your last week’s work. BO What is the accomplishment of a pause? 

Ex. Imagine talking to someone about your work. Imagine speaking without pauses. What happens in your body? What happens to the listener?

Ex. Imagine reading a book without punctuation. BO Notice empty spaces between the words. What changes?

Ex. Become the empty space between the words. BO Hear the word that ignites creation. (return to your physical sensations)

Ex. See, feel how in the pulling back of a space, creation is possible. 

Ex. Imagine falling asleep after a full week’s work. See feel how in the quiet time of pausing you hear your dream. 

Ex. Wake up hearing your dream in your whole body. See feel and know how you continue to hear its quiet call throughout the day. 


Pause for dancers


Ex. Step out into a meadow. See that you are standing between earth and heaven. Then imagine spanning heaven and earth. Become a column of light. See and feel the divine light filling you. BO Step out and retain the light.

Ex. Imagine beginning your day with imagery. BO Step out into your daily activities. 

Ex. Imagine beginning every day of your week with imagery, and then stepping out into your daily activities. BO Return to your place of imagery. What has changed?

Ex. Imagine setting aside time to return to alignment each week. Describe the space it creates and then feel yourself in this space.

Ex. Live your week and return to your space of alignment. BO Live the next week and return to your space of alignment. BO Live the following week and return to your space of alignment. What develops within you?

Ex. See feel how by returning to the space of alignment you are building a palace of light (within you). See, feel, and live building it throughout the day, a week, a month, a year. See feel and know how this work is eternal. See feel and live how this work aligns you to eternity.

Ex. See feel how the pause is alignment and is both time and space. 

Ex. See feel and live why from the space pervaded by restlessness, you cannot say: “I am.” See hear “I am” resounding in attentive silence. What happens?



Ex.1. Imagine you are standing on a meadow on a bright, sunny day. Look into the sky: where is the sun? If it is to your left wait until it comes straight above you or to the right. BO Reach your hands up in the direction of the sun and catch a ray of light. Draw a circle in the top right corner of the ksy and ask what your true question is. See it as an image.

Ex.2. See feel know how each journey begins with a question. Become a wanderer in search of your answers. How are you dressed? What is your expression? What are you carrying? BO What do you feel when you step away from what is secure and known in your life?

Ex.3. Sense and feel stepping forward like a blind man. Look inside, what is guiding you?

Ex.4. See that like all travellers you carry a pouch over your shoulder. On it is painted the head of an eagle. BO Open the pouch. What are you carrying? What changes? 

Ex.5. Become an eagle in the vast blue sky. See your prey and plunge to get it. BO Live simultaneously eagle’s silent floating and its’ piercing focus. What happens?

Ex.6. See feel being moved like the tides by the mood. BO Jump and play with each change. (CS)

Ex.7. Now go the way of the waters, fall down down down. What do you find? (CS)

Ex.8. See and feel that you can never rise if you don’t reach bottom. BO See yourself wearing golden shoes. (CS)

Ex.9. Hear the barking of the dog and see him rising onto his two feet. How does your body respond? BO See feel know why on this journey you have a dog companion.

Ex.10. Follow the dog and see where it leads you.

Ex.11. See live and know one shot, one life. What happens?

Ex.12. See feel know what incarnation brings to you. See its pluses and recognize its minuses.

Ex.13. Become an ocean. BO Become a single drop of water. BO Hold the drop of water in your open palm. Look into the drop, what do you see?

Ex.14. Become an ocean. BO Become a ray of light and plunge into the body of the ocean. What happens?

Ex.15. Feel the white sun shining onto the back of your body. How does your front reflect it?

Ex.1. BO3x Become an ant in an anthill. BO1x Become a duck in a flock. BO1x Become a bee in a beehive.

Ex.2. BO1x Become a human among other humans. BO1x See, feel and live the tension between being a distinct individual and living within a community.

Ex. 3. BO3x See, feel and know how from a place of distinction desire arises.

Ex.4. BO3x See and feel your greatest desires as a fire in your hands. BO1x What happens if you hold your fire in balance? BO1x What happens if you desire too much?

Ex.5.BO3x See particular moments in your life when an excessive (?) desire made you lose your way. BO1x Recognize the particular qualities of these desires and name them.

Ex.6. BO3x See, feel and know how distinction takes you out of the flow of life. BO1x See, feel and live how losing your way makes you stony.

Ex.7. BO3x As a stone, see, feel and live all kinds of life surrounding you. BO1x See, feel and know how its vibrant aliveness calls for a response.

Ex.8. BO3x Imagine you are a stone on the bank of a river. BO1x Hear the call of the water. BO1x Sense the caress of the waves. BO1x Feel the flow engaging you. BO1x Become the flowing river. What happens to the stone?

Ex.9. BO3x See, feel and know how by returning to the flow a pearl is formed.


See, feel and know how by taking different choices, an irritant becomes a pearl.

Ex.10. BO3x Look at the moss in front of you and find your pearls. What do they look like? Name each of them, recognizing their particular qualities.

Ex.11. BO3x String all the pearls together into a necklace. BO1x What happens when you put it on. What do you say?

Ex.12. BO3x Standing in front of a pond, see a golden key glittering at the bottom. BO1x Plunge and get the key. BO1x When you bring the key up, bring it to the surface, bring it to the land. What do you unlock?

Ex.13. BO3x Know the sugars in your life. BO1x Know what’s truly sweet. BO1x Taste the honey.

Ex.14. BO3x See, feel and know how by returning to simple wholeness you are crowned king of your kingdom.