Choose a gentle alarm clock that supports you in transitioning from dreaming into waking reality. Upon waking up, bring the dreambook and the pen close to you, and write down what you remember from your dream. Whether it is a full story, flickers of images, or a fleeting sensation, be quick to catch it and jot it down! Stay with the first thing that comes, without judging or censoring yourself! 

If you cannot remember your dream, return to the physical position upon waking up. Observe what you are sensing and feeling in this very moment, and jot down what you are experiencing. Trust that the dreaming unfolds from your being present to what currently is.

When you receive a dream, you are invited to a conversation. The dream presents to you where you are: what you are currently living, and what the potential is that is present, yet not manifest. Dreaming shows you what stands on your way to making this potential tangible. Read your dream aloud. Notice any patterns that repeat. Recognize the place of potential and name the challenge. Address the challenge! If you are carrying too much luggage, and thus you cannot move on, let go of what makes you heavy. If you are running away from a monster, stop, and face what frightens you. Do it in your imagination, and then live the transformation in your waking reality.


Notice what stories you tell others. Are there any words, phrases, expressions that repeat in what you say? Are you always tired, busy, and overwhelmed? Is there a necessity to what you are communicating? How does being tired, busy, and overwhelmed look like? See it as an image and respond to it. What changes?

Listen to what other people’s stories as if they were dreams. What kind of dreams are they living? Clear dreams, great dreams, nightmares? What words repeat in these stories? What worlds do these words create? Can you find a key to transform these images?

If there is an image in your dream that moves you deeply and shows you a place of potential, return to it throughout your week. Take a moment every day to connect to it. Imagine becoming it. Sense and feel how it is to live it in the now of the everyday. Notice what changes in your experience of the week. What new situations do you attract? If there are challenges presenting themselves, treat them as a necessary part of an adventure to reach the place of a new possibility. 

In the evening, take your dreambook and read again your  dream. Notice if there have been any images, situations, emotions, patterns from your dream that appeared in your waking reality. Take a red pen and note them down next to your dream. Reflect if they have presented you with a possibility to make a different choice than you had made in your dream? How did you respond? What changes?