As I’m writing, my body lights up, and I see it being woven of million tiny golden threads, pulsating with life. I see a close-up of my left eyelid, round and luminous, slowly putting a veil over the outer world. I sense the richness of the eyelashes, distinct and aligned, contrasting with the unified sunlit background.

‘Dear Anna, I hope you are well! […] Due to this second lockdown, we cannot review any performances in the theatres anymore. As an alternative, I would like to interview you on the topic of 'bodily joy'. It comes from my realisation that, due to the distance, the lack of spontaneity, and the absence of live get-togethers, I find it hard to experience joy in my body myself. And it’s a loss. Therefore it would be great to talk to you about how to keep finding joy in the body in these awkwar